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About the Quiz – How to Play?

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Fortnite Quiz consists of 10 questions on various topics about Fortnite or Fortnite’s trivia. In order to get a perfect score in this quiz, you must be playing this game since Season 7, there’s no other option that you’ll get 10/10. Some of the questions will be hard, so don’t worry if your results aren’t too good on your first try. In addition, you can always re-take the quiz and try your luck (and knowledge of course) again! You will be shown four answers to choose from on each question. After you answer all of the 10 questions, you’ll be redirected to the final page of the quiz, where you’ll be able to see your results and your correct/wrong answers. So, are you ready for the epic Fortnite Quiz? Do you think that you stand a chance of getting a PERFECT score in the quiz? Let’s find out! Good luck!

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